EHAF - Urban Architecture

Urban Architecture

"Economic development and planning practitioners around the world are focusing on the producers and consumers of the creative economy as the basis for growing vibrant and successful cities. This creative movement calls for an interdisciplinary approach to planning where a break in the rules that govern 'normal' planning practice contribute to environments that breed creativity, innovation and ultimately, economic growth. While it is still too early to measure the economic impacts of the movement, many cities have begun to engage in a creative city planning approach to urban revitalization. EHAF Urban Design team was formed within the context of place-making. We approach projects holistically, blending marketplace needs and construction realties with possibilities presented by the project’s site. Through our master planning process, we ensure our client’s voice is heard. From developing new and unforgettable places in the urban core to revitalizing inner city buildings to master planning new university campuses; our projects make their environments unforgettable. EHAF Engineers are well equipped to support the changes with their many years of experience and broad expertise across many disciples. As planners, consultants, and managers, they are experts in providing detailed solutions to urban infrastructure problems, both large and small-scale master plans, site analyses, and feasibility studies. By thinking and designing strategically and cooperatively within the context of the principles of intelligent city-building, EHAF Urban Designers are able to further the development of urban environments that are positive, people-centric, ennobling, livable, and sustainable. In a few words, the people of EHAF are dedicated to the mission of transforming the urban fabric into a healthy and sustainable world. EHAF'S Urban planners believe in 'community-led' design where developers, the local stakeholders and the community work together to create better environments. Our design process draws upon the belief that urban regeneration is best achieved within integrated cross disciplinary thinking, engagement with local knowledge and robust organisational skills. We bring an integrated approach, which includes open broad engagement and collaboration in the search for appropriate outcomes. We strive to ensure that new interventions are connected to the existing fabric and reflect the needs of the local population; satisfy the vision and policies of the local council and are profitable for the developer"