EHAF - Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture

"EHAF landscape is running by a collective of innovative-minded peers – visionaries who are recognized leaders in the industry. Our corporate culture fosters an environment where our combined expertise positively influences projects large and small. Each unique project has his private spirit, consequently the dedicated professional team to satisfy the need of creativity and imagination. We bring expertise to our clients and support them with locally based industry- specific teams to provide to a unique remarkable product and make sure that they will have their own signature in the outdoor environment in relation with the type of the project that include transportation, cultural, corporate, real state, commercial, healthcare, educational, technological, and sports, … etc. “Mixing between nature and engineering in harmony and sustainability” is our Vision in EHAF landscape. Our work begins by understanding our clients’ business, brand and mission. With a deep understanding of their challenges and the context in which they are competing, we combine the knowledge, expertise and talents of our teams to exceed their goals and set new standards. Based on the client input we start our researches (benchmarks, similar projects, history of client brand) and collecting data (relevant architecture styles, zoning, available materials, successful plants, water irrigation availability, manufactures and costing) to obtain the vision of approaching the project. As a result of deep understanding of the outcome of the researches and studies we build our preliminary idea of an integrated master landscape planning of the property; putting into consideration the guarantee of having the same unique outdoor atmosphere along the day and at night by providing high technology outdoor lighting according to property function and client desire. The landscape product consists of hardscape (flooring materials, façade / walls treatment, civil work), Softscape (the different types of plants like palms, trees, shrubs, groundcovers and lawn) and the outdoor furniture (sitting areas, shades, signage, wayfinding, etc)

EHAF landscape team has the knowledge and experience to accommodate the requirements of the other parties of the project engineering such as architecture, infrastructure, traffic and civil) by preparing an accumulative master plan to coordinate all outdoor items to make sure of the quality of the final product.