EHAF - Renovation and Restoration

Renovation and Restoration

"Most builders, firms and companies focus on building new buildings, giving it their best during the time of the design, and construction. For that reason, in addition to EHAF'S core value passion to restore and beautify what has been already inherited by our ancestors, renovating is not perceived as how it is typically recognized as a part-time activity for other firms and construction people. The processes and services required for renovations are quite specific. Sometimes it is much harder to preserve, renovate, or restore a building/structure, than building it from scratch, yet it is not just about the structure per se, but the history, record, culture, civilization, trademarks, and the accomplishments that were attained by prior generations. We combine a long standing commitment to the distinctive architecture of the region with a full array of professional construction services. By equipping these important structures to continue to meet modern expectations for shelter and service, we assure their continued usefulness to another generation. In order to furnish the most comprehensive solutions, we have long dedicated our company to the development of the skills necessary to reproduce period craftsmanship in a full range of historic materials, masonry, plaster, timber framing and decorative finishes, as well woodwork and millwork. This diverse capacity enables us to produce reliable work, fully in harmony with the existing structure. We wait with eagerness for our next opportunity to connect the best of two or more different generations in one structure through our Renovation and Restoration. EHAF helps organizations approach goals for asset reuse and optimization, energy efficiency and resource conservation as business imperatives. We provide integrated architectural, engineering, interior design, planning, and sustainability consulting solutions for renewing all types of existing environments. Our projects are helping clients renew everything from individual workplaces to buildings, sites and entire global real estate portfolios. We are excited about the opportunity to help clients improve their business results while moving the world toward a low-carbon economy and enhancing the quality of people’s lives. We work with clients on renewal opportunities throughout the life cycle of a built environment – from planning and strategy through design and construction, operations and maintenance, and occupancy."

Samples of our projects in Renovation and Restoration